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How To Use A Spot Treatment Properly

November 12, 2017

I've seen so many people use spot treatments all wrong! Don't ruin your skin, click through to watch this video to make sure you know how to use a spot treatment correctly. |

How to use a spot treatment properly

Have you ever wondered if you’re using your spot treatment correctly? Should you put it on before or after your moisturizer, or does it make a difference? Read more…

Lemon Or Apple Cider Vinegar For The Face, Is It Safe?

November 2, 2017

There's a lot of DIY skin care recipes floating around for treating acne, large pores, blackheads, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots, and sun damage. I'm all for going the all natural route, but are ingredients like lemon or apple cider vinegar really safe for your face? Click through to find out what I think. |

Lemon Or Apple Cider Vinegar For The Face, Is It Safe?

I get asked a lot about using lemon or apple cider vinegar for the face, and if it’s safe? Many of you are intrigued to try lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in DIY recipes to treat pimples, blackheads, melasma, sun spots, acne scars, or sun damage – but does it work, will it damage your skin, and is it worth trying? Read more…

Can Smoothies Cause Acne?

October 17, 2017

Eating a super healthy diet but still getting breakouts and acne? It could be the smoothies you are drinking! Even though smoothies are nutritious, they can mess up some people's skin. Click through to find out if the smoothies you are eating or drinking are standing in your way to clear skin. |

Can smoothies cause acne?

You might be reading this thinking, “what?!” Could smoothies cause acne and breakouts?

I’m afraid yes, for some of you. Read more…

REVIEW: Living Libations – Natural Hair Care Products

October 1, 2017

A lot of mainstream hair care products give me breakouts and damage my hair. I much prefer using hair care that doesn't have silicones or sulfates. Here's a full review of a bunch of natural hair care products from Living Libations (Seabuckthorn Shampoo, Shine On Condition, True Blue Shampoo & Conditioner, Honey Myrtle Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, and Flowers In Her Hair Dry Shampoo). These are by far the best all-natural hair care products I've tried. Click through for the full review and video. |

Review: Living Libations – Natural Hair Care Products

Oh am I excited to do this review! We all know how much I LOVE Living Libations natural skin care and body care products, and I’m happy to report their hair care line is just as good.

For over a decade I feel like I’ve been on a never-ending journey searching for good natural hair care products. And it’s not only because I like using natural products, but for the sake of my skin, I prefer avoiding hair care products containing silicones and sulfates that clog my pores and give me breakouts and rashes. Read more…

Clear Skin Q&A With Natasha

September 17, 2017

Here's a video answering a bunch of questions on how to get rid of breakouts and adult acne through diet and natural skincare. Questions include: how to get rid of tiny raised bumps on forehead and face (diet & skincare), what to do about scalp breakouts and hair fall out, how to get rid of hyperpigmentation, how to stay disciplined on a clear skin diet, could nut butter or hummus cause acne, what skincare ingredients I won't use, and much more! Click through to see the Q&A video. |

Clear Skin Q&A With Natasha

It’s been super busy over here, that I thought I would do something a little different today!

My kids and I were sick (one after the other) over the past month, and questions and emails have been piling up in my inbox, blog, YouTube, and Instagram. Since I’ve been falling behind and haven’t been able to post regularly either, I decided to do a video answering a bunch of your questions about clearing up your skin. Read more…

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