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Let’s Make 2016 The Year To Clear Up Your Breakouts And Acne

January 15, 2016

Let's Clear Up Your Skin This Year

Let’s make 2016 the year we’re going to clear up your breakouts and acne

Happy New Year!

To kick things off, and really make this the year to clear up you skin, I want you to start with one thing you already know will help your skin, but you’re not doing.

If you’ve had acne or breakouts for a while, there’s certain things you’ve probably come across in your diet, lifestyle, or skin care routine that helps your skin or makes it a lot worse.

For example, I know for myself that if I eat ice cream two days in a row, I automatically get at least one cystic pimple on my face (guaranteed). I also know that if I drink water infused with fresh mint every day for 2 weeks straight, my skin becomes super clear. These are two things I know that has significant impact on my skin, but I might not always be doing.

I am sure there’s at least one thing you know in your diet or lifestyle that makes your skin breakout, or helps to improve your complexion.

For now, I want you to choose just one thing to get started with.

I always find that when you start with something you already know will get you results, it much easier to get the ball rolling, start seeing improvements, and get excited and motivated to do more.

Let’s keep you accountable

This year is going to be your year, and to ensure that, I want to keep you accountable.

What I would like you to do right now, is write in the comments section below, what that one thing is that you’re going to do to start improving your skin. By sharing what it is, you are committing to doing it. When you say it out loud, tell someone, or write it out – you are taking the necessary step to actually take action and do it.

I also want you to share what you’re going to do to improve your skin so everyone else can read it. If everyone shares one thing they are going to do that they know will help improve their skin, by reading what others are doing might give you ideas of things you’ve never tried before, or things you never even knew could help improve your skin.

Also, I want to dedicate this year to helping you to clear up your skin. If you have any blog/video requests, or you need help with something you’re struggling with in relation to your breakouts, or you’ve got a burning question, or a request for a natural skin care product review – do let me know in the comments section below. The more I know what you need and want, the more I can support and help you.

I am super excited for 2016, this is going to be your skin clearing year!

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  • Reply beverly January 16, 2016 at 7:08 am

    Hi Natasha Thank you I noticed dairy makes my skin worse but I have rosasea too very bad and it get pus-filled pimpled all ove my cheeks and forhed and it looks bright red ive heard a leaky gut can cause this and also hormones as I’m now started going threw the menopause will any of these things affect how I try to clear my skin regards Beverly

    • Reply Natasha St. Michael January 21, 2016 at 4:09 pm

      Hi Beverly,
      Thank you for your reply! I would definitely start with the dairy first, commit to taking it out of your diet for a while and see what happens. A lot of times it can be just one particular foods that is causing all sorts of havoc in the body. Let us know how it goes.

  • Reply Renee January 16, 2016 at 7:13 am

    I’m committed to reducing my stress/anxiety levels. I know that makes matters much worse, and that the anxiety from getting acne drives me to want to pick at my skin…which makes things *so* much worse! I picked last night due to the stress of a sudden period induced breakout, even though I know it makes it worse and had thankfully avoided it for a while. I had to apologize to my skin and vow to take better care of it.

    Moving more is my second commitment, since I’ve had chronic fatigue for years and I know that stagnation in my lymph, detox organs, and digestion is causing some of my acne.

    I definitely need more water, too! I need to put my mint from the garden to use as well.

    • Reply Natasha St. Michael January 21, 2016 at 4:12 pm

      Hi Renee,
      Yes stress and anxiety is a BIG one! Huge! I’m glad you can see the connection and you’re committing to doing something about it. Not everyone realizes how much stress, worry, and our thoughts take a toll on our body and health. Keep us posted with your progress!

  • Reply Marie January 16, 2016 at 10:01 am

    I don’t know exactly what in my diet causes my acne. I eat a relatively clean diet, stay away from sugar and limit white flour foods. In 2016, I want to limit my alcohol intake and cut out even more sugar. For my overall health and for clearer skin. Thanks Natasha, I’m a long time reader.

    • Reply Natasha St. Michael January 21, 2016 at 4:14 pm

      Hi Marie,
      Alcohol can definitely cause breakouts and acne (and other skin issues as well). I’d be interested to hear if you notice improvement from cutting down or taking a break from it. Let us know!

  • Reply Kristen January 16, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    I already eat a healthy diet – no added sugar/junk food etc. I also limit grains and dairy. Even though fruit is considered a health food i am going to reduce my intake and only have occasional low sugar fruits like a few berries. I seem to be very sensitive to sugars – even natural ones.
    Natasha i’m curious about any other ways to help balance hormones. Leading up to a period my skin always gets alot worse even with a healthy diet. I have been trying a supplement called estroblock (DIM) which is meant to lower “bad” estrogens and help hormonal acne. I dont know what else i can do ??? Thanks

    • Reply Natasha St. Michael January 21, 2016 at 4:22 pm

      Hi Kristen,
      How’s it going with reducing fruit? For some people (including myself), fruit can trigger breakouts, sometimes even more so than vegetables and grains that are high glycemic.
      If you get breakouts during your period, it might not be a hormone imbalance, but more a sensitivity to the change of hormone levels (thats why some women have breakouts before their period, during ovulation, pregnancy, menopause, etc.). If you know those times your skin is more sensitive, oily or acne prone – make sure to be doing things that reduce inflammation and stress on the body including stress reduction, drinkng plenty water, exercise, good sleep, healthy eating, fresh air, using gentle skin care products (or nothing at all), etc. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it could be something else in your lifestyle or daily life that’s triggering the sensitivity.

      • Reply Kristen January 21, 2016 at 7:59 pm

        Honestly i’m not doing too well at the moment. I haven’t been eating much fruit but still getting acne all over my chin/mouth area. I feel soooo miserable and sick of myself 🙁

  • Reply Arleta January 21, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    I would like to see more Salat recipies and dressings for a clear skin and also another food recipies:)

  • Reply Colette August 21, 2016 at 4:01 am

    It’s the eight month of the year. I just did the 5 lesson clear skin email course.

    I need to get moving enough to sweat and to cut down on sugars, including fruits.

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