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My Skincare Routine For Acne & Breakouts (Natural, Non-Toxic)

June 1, 2016

Here's my skincare routine for acne and breakouts. I use only natural, non-toxic skin care products, and my approach to healing pimples and acne is different than what most people do. Instead of loading a bunch of products on my skin that will only make it more irritated and red, I do the reverse, I use key products that sooth and support my skin to heal. Click through to check out my step-by-step skincare routine to get rid of acne and blemishes. | www.TheClearSkinEssentials.comMy Skincare Routine For Acne & Breakouts (Natural, Non-Toxic)

I thought I’d share my skincare routine for acne. It’s a little different than what most people do, but I find it supports my skin to heal (as quickly as it can, and ensures no scarring, discolouration, or hyperpigmentation from pimples and breakouts).

I’m big about allowing your body and skin to run it’s course, and refraining from making it worse (I know it’s not easy to resist the urge to pick and layer a bunch of skin care products on your skin – but all that just makes it worse, not better).

I healed my acne many years ago, but occasionally I do get breakouts.

My skin is quite reactive (and very unforgiving). So, if I eat certain foods like ice cream or raw chocolate, it’s “breakout city” for me.

I also get breakouts from lack of sleep, stress, and from stomach upset (here in Bali it’s common to get “Bali Belly” which is gastro issues from contaminated water and food). If ever I get sick from the food or water, it always shows in my skin.

After I gave birth to my daughter, my skin was quite sensitive and prone to breaking out, especially the 2 years I was nursing her. My skin was perfect while I was pregnant with her, but as soon as Luna Ray was born, on came the terrible breakouts. I stopped nursing her a couple of months ago, and my skin has definitely improved and gone back to normal (phew!).

Why it’s important to have a skincare routine just for acne and pimple breakouts

This is a big one, and I suggest everyone who is prone to acne and breakouts, has a skincare routine for acne they can fall back on.

Knowing what works really well for your skin, what soothes it when it gets irritated or inflamed from pimples and breakouts; will support your skin to heal much quicker.

For some of you this might be your regular skincare routine, but for others, there’s certain things you might have to add in or take out of your regular skincare and makeup routine, to fast track your results.

For myself, my skincare routine is very different in my day to day life, compared to when I have pimples and breakouts. I need to change things up quite a bit to ensure my skin can heal efficiently, and not be doing anything that could be overloading it, or making it worse.

As much as I love skin care products; acne and pimples (and most other skin conditions) don’t.

Years ago when my acne was at it’s worst, I healed it from using less products on my skin, not from using more.

So the moment I get a pimple on my face, everything stops and I have to cut back and simplify my skin care routine.

This guarantees my skin can heal much faster, prevent hyperpigmentation and scaring, and sometimes even stop pimples in their tracks.

And lucky for me, once the pimples or breakouts go away, I can go back to my regular skincare routine and use makeup again without a problem.

My Skincare Routine For Acne & Breakouts

As soon as I get pimple(s) on my face (or I can feel one coming!), I stop my regular skincare routine and I follow my special skincare routine for acne and breakouts.

This special skincare routine is for soothing your skin from irritating pimples and preventing redness and inflamed skin. The more you sooth, nourish, and let your skin be, the easier it will be for your skin to heal, and prevent scarring, discolouration, and hyperpigmentation.

My Step by Step Skincare Routine For Acne & Breakouts:

1- In the morning I wash my face with Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. If my skin needs a little extra moisture, I will use Living Libations Best Skin Ever (these two cleansers are my staples when I have breakouts).

2- Afterwards, I leave my skin bare for the entire day. When I have pimples and breakouts I don’t like to put anything on my face unless absolutely necessary!

3- If I go out and I need to cover up pimples and breakouts, I use RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up (I won’t use tinted moisturizers or foundations when I have pimples, it just makes it worse).

4- At night I double cleanse with Living Libations Best Skin Ever.

5- I use a few drops of oil to moisturize my face at night (I am currently using Ila Spa Face Oil For Glowing Radiance).

6- I dab one tiny drop of tea tree essential oillavender essential oil, or Living Libations Zippity DewDab (an essential oil blend for blemishes) on the pimples (only at night).

7- Once the breakouts have healed, I will continue using a small drop of Living Libations Zippity DewDab as a spot treatment. I find this essential oil blend really good at getting rid of any discolouration or hyperpigmentation from pimples, and effective at preventing any scarring (I dab one tiny drop on pimples only in the evening).

7- I do this every day until everything has healed, and I have no more “active” breakouts.

Keeping Your Skincare Routine For Acne Simple

As you can see, my skincare routine for acne is very simple.

Simple is best.

Less is best (make this your acne mantra!).

In general, whenever you have acne breakouts or pimples, the less you put on your skin (skincare products and makeup included), the faster your skin will heal.

If you are wondering what my normal skincare routine is like, or how this skincare routine for acne differs from what I normally do, the big difference is I stop using makeup, creams, moisturizers, and any exfoliating products when I have pimples and acne breakouts.

As I said before, the moment a pimple appears (or I feel one coming on), everything just stops. I switch immediately to my simplified (and minimal) skincare routine for acne, and take a break from most skincare products and makeup until my skin completely heals.

I find this is the most effective strategy.

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Do you have a special skincare routine for acne breakouts? If so, tell us, I’d love to hear what you do or the products you love using. Post in the comments below.

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  • Reply Colette August 27, 2016 at 2:23 am

    Is there a reason you only use the spot treatments at night Natasha? What about a really itchy day-time spot?!

    • Reply Natasha St. Michael November 16, 2016 at 4:15 pm

      If find most spot treatments are safe to use only once a day, if you use twice a day it could dry out your skin or cause redness. Also, in general I like to use active ingredients including pure essential oils only in the evening when the sun is down.

      • Reply Colette November 16, 2016 at 8:10 pm

        Thanks Natasha. I hear you on the drying property of some spot treatments.

  • Reply Al December 13, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing with us on your skincare routine! I agree with you on applying lesser products on the face to let the face rest & heal effectively too!
    I have many small red bumps (sometimes with puss) and it is really frustrating as I’ve been struggling with it for 2 years now (since I got married).
    I am currently visiting a dermatologist for my adult acne and he recommends me to apply Stieva-A Cream. My face is peeling now (feels irritated and thin) but he instructed me to continue using Stieva-A till I rid my face of all the dead skin cells that cause acne. At the same time, I’m undergoing Q-Switched Laser treatment to kill the acne causing bacteria. I wonder what is your take on this as I have tried almost all ways to get rid of my acne but it is simply too stubborn. The desperation to cure my acne problem is strong now 🙁

    • Reply Natasha St. Michael December 15, 2016 at 8:58 am

      Hi Al,
      It sounds to me the Stieva-A is quite strong on your skin, some brands of retina-A have different dosages, so if you continue with it and after a few weeks your skin continues to feel irritated and peel, you may want to ask your dermatologist for a lower dosage.
      It’s quite a common reaction to any vitamin A product to get that skin peeling (in the first 2 weeks). Whether it helps to clear up acne is really case by case, and it’s up to you if you want to go that route.
      Whatever you choose to do and use, I strongly recommend eating a super healthy diet to support the health and healing of your skin (no dairy, plenty of vegetables and green leafy vegetables, and minimize sugar & caffeine in your diet, etc.), and minimize the use of all other skincare products and makeup while using the Stieva-A (the combination of a strong prescription cream and other skincare products can cause more irritation. But, do make sure to wear a good quality sunscreen because the prescription cream is making your skin sensitive to sun and more susceptible to sun damage as you’re going through treatment).
      Hope this helps!

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