Happy new year! If you want to achieve your clear skin goals for this year – read this!

As most of you know, I’ve been working as a holistic health coach for almost a decade. In the beginning of my career I was helping clients improve their diet and lifestyle to get healthy, lose weight, get rid of acne, balance hormones, and reach personal goals. Later, I shifted my primary specialty to just focusing on helping women clear up breakouts, adult acne, and preserve the youthfulness of their skin through diet and skin care improvements.

One thing I have observed over the years is no matter what your goal is, there’s certain things that will work for you, and against you.

For those of you who want to make 2017 your healthy year where you clear up your skin once and for all – here’s a few tips to ensure your success.

Tips on how to stay on track with your diet and lifestyle goals for clear skin.

3 Strategies To Achieve Your Clear Skin Goals

It’s mindset, not motivation

In my FREE Acne Solutions 5-Day Email Course, I ask everyone what the number #1 thing holding you back from clearing up your skin? The answer I get most frequently is “lack of motivation to stick with a healthy diet to clear up my skin.”

I used to believe motivation was key, and in order to get results and stick to the plan, you’ve got to stay motivated, and find things to keep you motivated.

Then one day I realized that searching and relying on motivation can be so terribly fleeting.

If you’re relying on motivation to stick to your goals, you’re pretty much relying on something outside yourself, something that is up and down, and completely out of your control.

We don’t always wake up feeling motivated to do something. And if we’re relying on being motivated to accomplish a goal – good luck!

But on the other hand, your mindset and attitude is in your control.

And there’s a big difference between motivation and mindset/attitude.

Your mindset and attitude come from you – and in many ways determine if you will fail or succeed.

You don’t need motivation to have a winning mindset, and in fact there can be days when you have absolutely no motivation at all, but you want to reach your goal so strongly, you’re willing to push through the lack of motivation.

I’ll give you an example. Once in a while someone will leave a comment on social media saying to me “So Natasha, to clear up my skin I have to stop eating everything?!” When you look at the article or video they’re referring to, no where did I say they needed to stop eating everything, just the foods that are causing the breakouts.

It’s kind of like seeing the “glass half empty, or half full.”

If you go about trying to accomplish something but dreading it, and full of doom and gloom – you’re setting yourself up for disaster. In my eyes, you’ve given up before you’ve even started.

But, on the other hand, if you focus on adjusting your mindset and attitude, that same task or goal will feel a lot easier.

For example, if that reader shifted her mindset from “I can’t eat anything!” to “It may feel like I can’t eat anything, but I’m going to do it! I’m going to improve my diet and clear up my skin!” – the journey to get results will be completely different (and it has nothing to do with being motivated or not, it all has to do with what you tell yourself – your mindset and attitude).

So, with your new year’s goals, instead of relying on being motivated 24 hours a day to reach your goals, focus instead on strengthening your winner’s attitude and mindset. This will keep you on track, and even make achieving your goals a lot easier, and even fun.

Having a clean & orderly living environment is more important than you think

I’m all about having a winner’s mind, but I’m also very practical.

And there’s one thing that I see defeat my coaching clients over and over again – and that is your living environment or home. Specifically, how clean, organized and orderly your home is will determine how easy it will be for you to achieve your goals.

For example, if you want to improve your diet and start eating more healthy homemade food to clear up your skin – you must have a clean and orderly kitchen.

There’s nothing more discouraging than trying to adopt a healthier diet while your kitchen is a mess, dirty dishes are piled up in the sink, and your fridge is full of rotting food.

If you walk into a dirty, messy kitchen, you’re more inclined to turn around, close the door, and order a pizza. The last thing you’ll want to do is take out your juicer, clean it, and make room on your dirty kitchen counter to make a fresh vegetable juice, correct?!

You may laugh, but do you know how many people I see easily stick to their healthy diet once they get into the habit of always keeping their kitchen clean, and their pantry and fridge stocked with shiny healthy food. The new healthy diet becomes a lot more appetizing, and completely doable.

And this isn’t only your kitchen. To clear up your skin – you need to take your self care routine to a whole new level.

For example, let’s say this year you want to be more diligent about taking your makeup off every night before bed (we all know we should, but not all of us are doing it!). If your bathroom is filthy, disorganized, and cluttered – it makes getting into this habit a lot harder. Imagine every night before bed you go into your bathroom and it’s sparkling clean, organized, and feels inviting. What if you add a few touches to make it feel spa-like? This would take your whole self care routine to a whole new level, you may even look forward to your nightly cleansing routine. Imagine that!

So think about it – how can you make your living environment more supportive of your clear skin goals?

Here’s some things to start with:

  • A clean kitchen will make it easier and more inspiring to prepare healthy food.
  • Keep your bathroom clean and fresh so you look forward to cleansing and taking care of your skin and body.
  • A tidy bedroom and a made bed will make bedtime more inviting and support your beauty sleep (and make waking up in the morning a lot more pleasant).
  • Decluttering your living room will give you the space to think.
  • An orderly living environment will make your life a lot less stressful.

In my opinion, having a dirty, cluttered, or disorganized home is overwhelming. It can create a lot of stress. You can’t think clearly if everything is all over the place.

If you want to be more clear, deliberate, and on top of your life and goals – make having a clean living environment your priority. Think: “clean home = clean decisions”

Break your goals down into achievable victories

Let’s be honest here – big goals can be hard to achieve and can take a while to start seeing results and benefits.

I’m not trying to be Debbie Downer, I’m being honest.

As a health coach, the #1 mistake I see people make is having extremely vague and all encompassing goals like “I’m going to eat healthy this year,” “I’m cutting out the junk food,” “I’m going to get fit.”

Even the goal, “I’m going to eat healthy to clear up my skin” is way too vague.

If you have goals like this, you might be able to stick with it for a week or two, but usually in a month’s time it’ll be long forgotten.

You need to be very clear:

  • What is my goal?
  • What am I going to do to achieve my goal?
  • How long will it take?
  • Can I break down my goal into smaller steps or “mini goals” to make it easier?

You must pace yourself and build momentum.

Look at someone who runs a marathon – they aren’t sprinting at the very beginning, trying to do everything at once. They pace themselves, they have targets, and they know what their limitations are.

You need to do the same with your goals to ensure you reach your own finish line.

And sometimes that involves mapping things out by breaking down your big goal into smaller steps.

For example, lets say this year you want to improve your diet to clear up your skin. I recommend making a list of all the diet improvements you want to make (and if you aren’t sure what those diet improvements are to clear up your skin – take my course The CLEAR SKIN Diet Rules).

Once you have a list of all the diet improvements or changes you want to make – decide how long you are going to focus on each one.

Let’s say you have a list of 12 things you want to change in your diet to improve your skin – why not assign one diet improvement to every month of the year. This way you are pacing yourself and really integrating these changes into your lifestyle and routine.

Over and over again I see people succeeding when they choose to do one thing REALLY WELL. And once that new habit is fully integrated into their routine, then they move on to the next goal. Not only do they get fabulous results from sticking to their goal consistently over a long period of time, but it builds their confidence too.

Recently one of my students from The CLEAR SKIN Diet Rules video course emailed me. She told me how hard it was to pass up the treats and junk food at work. She said at first she didn’t even know if she could do it, the temptation and habit was so strong.

What she did to achieve her goals was to put all her effort into achieving this one goal. Nothing else mattered. Every day she would start her day by renewing her commitment not to eat the pastries and donuts at break time. If she could get through the day, it was pure victory for her.

And you know what, she did it, and her skin started clearing up. When she started seeing the impact this one change had on her skin – she was over the moon excited and empowered to continue. It was no longer a struggle, she was no longer dreading going to work and having to face the donut table, and every time she looked in the mirror she loved her reflection more and more.

This to me is a perfect example of choosing one specific goal and doing whatever it takes to achieve it. You’re much more likely to stick to a goal that brings you a sense of accomplishment and victory. When you feel really good about what you’re doing and what you’ve achieved, you can’t help but continue and be inspired to do more.

Ready to get started making 2017 your clear skin year?!

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