For about a year, I’ve been doing a bathing with cold water experiment.

I wanted to see if washing my face, body and hair using cold water vs hot water, would make much of a difference.

When I started the experiment, we had just moved into our new house. Since we’re still in the process of building it, we didn’t have a water heater yet. We live in the tropics, so having hot water is a nice thing to have, but not a pressing necessity.

So instead of dreading my daily cold showers, I decided to seize the opportunity to do this experiment. Not having a hot water heater actually made it easier because I couldn’t give up or cheat.

I ended up exclusively using cold water to bathe with for 8 months. I still can’t believe I made it that long without a hot shower!

Then, at the end of January, we got our water heater. After all those months of only using cold water, I got to see the difference using hot water again.

And the difference was very interesting.

Find out if bathing with cold water vs. hot water really does improve your skin and hair.

I was really expecting to be a cold water convert.

But once I started comparing my results, some things I preferred cold water for, and other things hot water.

Check out today’s video below to find out more about my results. Plus, what I’m doing now that my experiment is over and I can chose between using cold and hot water.

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