Smoothie causing acne?

Can Smoothies Cause Acne?

Eating a super healthy diet but still getting breakouts and acne?

It could be the smoothies you are drinking!

Even though smoothies are nutritious, they can mess up some people’s skin.

Click through to find out if the smoothies you are eating or drinking are standing in your way to clear skin.

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Natasha St. Michael answer questions on acne, breakouts, skincare and diet.

Clear Skin Q&A With Natasha

Here’s a video answering a bunch of questions on how to get rid of breakouts and adult acne through diet and natural skincare.

Questions include: how to get rid of tiny raised bumps on forehead and face (diet & skincare), what to do about scalp breakouts and hair fall out, how to get rid of hyperpigmentation, how to stay disciplined on a clear skin diet, could nut butter or hummus cause acne, what skincare ingredients I won’t use, and much more!

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How to stop picking pimples featuring spot treatments from Living Libations, Tata Harper, VERDURA naturalternatives.

How To Stop Picking Pimples

Want to know how to stop picking pimples?

We all know how bad of a habit it is (sometimes it can even feel like an addiction, you just can’t stop). But picking pimples, zits, blackheads, and breakouts is the worst. It’s not going to help blemishes heal faster and it’s probably going to leave marks and scars behind.

Click through to find out how you can stop now, and never pick pimples again.

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How to wash your face with honey for acne prone skin.

How To Use Honey To Cleanse Acne Prone Skin

Honey is the best treatment cleanser for acne and breakout prone skin. Packed with skin beautifying nutrients, active enzymes for gentle exfoliation, and protective antibacterial compounds – honey is nature’s gift for clear skin.

I don’t think there’s a gentler cleanser available, and when you have breakouts and acne, you need a product that will sooth and calm your irritated skin.

Click through to watch the video demo on how to wash your face with honey, plus answers to all your questions about honey cleansing acne prone skin.

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