We recently reached 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, YAYYYY!! And to celebrate I wanted to do a Clear Skin Q&A answering your questions about clearing up acne and breakouts through your diet and skincare.

So, I did a little call out on YouTube, Instagram, and my email newsletter asking you guys to send me your questions (and THANK YOU so much for sending them!).

Here’s the questions I’ll be answering in today’s Clear Skin Q&A video:

  • What natural cleanser would I recommend as an alternative for salicylic acid?
  • Why do acne marks and scars come back?
  • Is a low carb/high fat diet for clearing up acne ok for someone who is underweight?
  • How do you make sure not to lose weight on this type of diet?
  • Is micellar cleansing water good for your skin?
  • Does meat, fish, or eggs cause acne?
  • Best way to get rid of redness left behind from zits?
  • Is there a way to counteract or flush the effects of dairy from your system, so you don’t get breakouts if you occasionally eat dairy?
  • What to do for inflamed red skin on the face (not rosacea)?
  • Recommended sunscreen for acne prone skin in hot humid weather?
  • How are Clean & Clear products?
  • Do you recommend oil cleansing for younger skin (19 years old)? And which Living Libations Best Skin Ever would be good to start for normal skin?
  • Best oil cleansing blend for acne prone skin?
  • Should you use sunscreen when you have active breakouts?
  • Did I use sunscreen when I was clearing up my acne with a minimal skincare routine?

Videos & blog posts I mentioned in the video

Clear Skin Q&A with Natasha St. Michael answering all your diet and skin care questions about clearing up breakouts and acne.

Recommended products I mentioned in the video


Honey for washing your face:

Cleansing oils:

For oily, acne prone skin:

For dry, acne prone skin:

MINERAL SUNSCREENS (for acne prone skin):

For oily acne prone skin

Non “natural” or “clean” mineral sunscreens I also recommend for oily acne prone:

For normal or dry acne prone skin:

Non “natural” or “clean” mineral sunscreens I also recommend for dry, acne prone:

Clear Skin Video Course & Coaching With Natasha

FREE Acne Solutions 5-Day Email Course – A free email course that gets you started with what to change/add in to your diet and skincare routine to start clearing up your skin.

The CLEAR SKIN Diet Rules – Beginner’s video course on how to fix up your diet to clear up breakouts and adult acne.

The CLEAR SKIN Skincare Rules – Video course guiding you through a holistic skincare routine to support the healing of acne, and maintain youthful skin.

Acne Causing Health Foods Video Masterclass – A vide course for more “advanced” health enthusiasts who are still struggling with acne and breakouts. This course is especially good if you’ve already tried a healthy diet (like a whole diet, vegan or vegetarian diet, raw food diet, paleo diet, keto diet, low carb, low fat, etc), and didn’t get results. This Masterclass will walk you through all the health foods, whole foods, superfoods, and supplements that can cause acne, and which ones will help prevent breakouts and acne.

Telephone Coaching With Natasha – If you want more personalized, one-on-one help with fixing up your diet and skincare routine to clear up your skin, coaching would be good for you. This will fast track your results. I will look over your current diet and skincare routine and tell you exactly what needs to be changed and adjusted for clear skin results.

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