Here at The CLEAR SKIN Essentials I like everything to be upfront and transparent in disclosing if a blog post, website feature, social media post, newsletter, video, webinar, course, consultation, or email communication has affiliate links, sponsored content, or a featured product that was gifted for PR or editorial purposes.

If you’ve been a longtime reader of The CLEAR SKIN Essentials, you know my reviews, recommendations, and features are very honest. When I review or recommend a product, I share what I like and don’t like about the product. I don’t hold back my opinion and experience using the product. Sometimes I love a product, sometimes I don’t, and I always let you know. I pride myself for writing and creating video and blog content for my audience, and not to please brands.

With that being said, I want to make sure everything is as clear as possible about the use of affiliate links, sponsored posts, and gifted PR products.

Affiliate Disclosure:

I use affiliate links on my website, blog, YouTube videos, newsletters, Instagram, courses, and email communications.

An affiliate link means I may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you. That means you’re paying the same amount for the products you are purchasing that everyone else pays, but I may receive a small commission or fee for referring you.

This compensation received will never influence my opinion of the product, my blog reviews and recommendations, social media, video reviews, topics choices, and features.

I recently opened a new online store on The CLEAR SKIN Essentials website selling a selection of my favourite skin care and body care products. The products you buy from my online shop is purchased directly from me and my store, there’s no affiliate association. 

It’s safe to assume that majority of product links that take you off The CLEAR SKIN Essentials website and to another online store or brand website are affiliate links.

The affiliate programs I am currently associated with are:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Magic Links
  • Rakuten LinkShare
  • ShareASale
  • ShareIIN
  • Annmarie Skin Care
  • Living Libations
  • Leahlani Skincare
  • Ava Jane’s Kitchen

Sponsored Content

I rarely do sponsored posts. It’s not because I don’t want to, I just haven’t come across many sponsored campaigns I wanted to participate in.

When contacted by a brand for sponsored content, I first research the brand and product and make sure the product is truly a product I would be interested in featuring on my website or social media, and that it would bring value to my audience. 

I also let the brand know I am open to a sponsored partnership but I would need to try the products first before committing to anything.

If it’s a good fit, we go ahead with the sponsored partnership, if not, I turn it down. There’s no point in doing sponsored content if I don’t like a product, I don’t believe in it, or it’s not a good fit for my audience. 

If I do sponsored content, it will always be clearly identified it is sponsored in the blog content and/or social media post.


There are third party ads on my YouTube videos. I am a member of YouTube Partner Program. Other than the ads on the YouTube videos, there are no other third party ads on The CLEAR SKIN Essentials.

PR Samples and Gifts

Occasionally a brand may reach out wanting to send me free products, samples, or PR gifts. I always make sure it’s clear to the brand that if they send me products, there’s no guarantee it will be mentioned, featured, or get a positive review on my blog, social media or newsletter. 

If a brand wants to send me products to try, great, but I’m very clear that there should be no expectations of anything in return. 

I don’t do blog or social media features, shoutouts, or reviews in exchange for free products. 

If a product I review or mention on my blog or social media has been gifted by a brand or is a PR sample, it will be clearly identified that it is gifted in the blog content and/or social media post.


The CLEAR SKIN Essentials is a skin care website. The blog has over 100 articles and videos covering skin care related topics including: skin care product reviews, skin care routine demos, tutorials, diet advice relating to skin health, product recommendation for various skin types, etc. 

The CLEAR SKIN Essentials also has an online shop selling natural skin care and clean beauty products, and offers clear skin coaching and consultations with Natasha St. Michael, and video courses on diet and skin care for acne.

Natasha St. Michael is a Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. She a member of the American Association For Drugless Practitioners. Natasha St. Michael has been working as a professional health coach and blogger for over a decade helping women clear up acne and improve their skin through diet improvements and using appropriate skin care.

Natasha St. Michael is not a doctor or dermatologist. The advice, information, and views expressed on The Clear Skin Essentials and by Natasha St. Michael are her views and opinions and are provided for informational purposes only. Should you have a medical problem, please consult with your physician. None of the advice, information, or recommendations on The CLEAR SKIN Essentials should be interpreted as medical or dermatological advice.

Should you follow any skin care, diet advice or recommendations, or use a skin care or beauty product that is reviewed, featured, recommended, or sold on this website; you do so at your own risk and personal responsibility. 

If you would like to read more about Natasha St. Michael and The CLEAR SKIN Essentials, please visit our About page.

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Last updated: October 2019