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Below I’ve put together a list of my all time favourite natural skincare products. All these products I have used myself, are non-comedogenic and won’t cause breakouts, I 100% stand behind, and would recommend to my best friend.

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Natasha’s favourite natural skincare products:


LIVING LIBATIONS Best Skin Ever – My personal favourite oil cleanser. I recommend Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever for all skin types including acne prone skin. Frankincense Best Skin Ever is a little lighter making it very good for oily and acne prone skin, and it works well fading hyperpigmentation, melasma, and acne marks. Rose Best Skin Ever is good for irritated, sensitive, dry or maturing skin.

DRUNK ELEPHANT Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser – If you like a foaming gel cleanser, I recommend this one. It won’t strip your skin. There’s no fragrance, no sodium lauryl sulfate, or irritating ingredients. And, it removes makeup and sunscreen really well. It’s gentle enough to use around your eyes. I recommend this for normal, combination, oily skin, and acne prone skin types.

TATA HARPER Purifying Cleanser – A refreshing gentle soap-free cleanser. Best for normal, oily, or combination skin, and great for hot climates as well.

TATA HARPER Nourishing Oil Cleanser – This oil cleanser is truly nourishing. Great for gently removing makeup and as a daily cleanser. The formula is moisturizing, and leaves your skin feeling plumped and supple. I recommend this for normal, combination, dry, and mature skin types.

OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel – A luxurious cleansing balm. Especially good for milia-prone skin, acne scars, sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. Most suitable for normal, combination and oily skin.

MAHALO The Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate – Love the benefits of oil cleansing but not the oil residue? This cleansing balm is just for you! It goes on like balm, nourishing like an oil, but rinses right off with water. An excellent makeup remover and non-stripping cleanser, and the cacoa citrus scent is absolutely divine.

TAMMY FENDER Cleansing Milk – Milk cleansers are great for dry, sensitive, and irritated skin. This one in particular is lightweight and extremely gentle, yet thoroughly cleanses all at the same time.

ONE LOVE ORGANICS Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil – This is a rinse-off oil cleanser, and that’s why I like it. You don’t need a washcloth to remove it making it especially good for irritated or sensitive skin. This cleanser does a great job of removing makeup and cleansing the skin. It’s also quite nourishing which is a good choice if you have dry, dehydrated or maturing skin.

Smooth Raw Honey – I’m a big fan of using smooth raw honey as a cleanser, especially for younger skin that is acne-prone (great if your in your 20s or early thirties, or younger). Best to use a local organic smooth honey or a manuka honey.


DRUNK ELEPHANT T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum – A gentle AHA and BHA exfoliating blend. I recommend this gel serum for gentle exfoliation and resurfacing, fading hyperpigmentation and acne scars, and brightening your skin. For best results, I recommend using it on it’s own every night, or every other night. Always wear sunscreen when using this product.

TATA HARPER Regenerating Cleanser  – This physical exfoliant is soft and gentle, so it can be used more regularly than most scrubs to maintain smooth skin.

OSKIA Micro Exfoliating Balm – This product exfoliates and moisturizes all at the same time leaving your skin super soft, bright and smooth. It can be coarse in texture, so best not to use on sensitive skin.


LIVING LIBATIONS RoseGlow Complexion Mist – Gentle and hydrating toning mist made from pure Rose Hydrosol. This is good for all skin types including very sensitive skin.

ODACITE Rose + Neroli Hydra-Vitalizing Treatment Mist – Soothing and hydrating aloe-based toning mist.

ANNMARIE SKIN CARE Neroli Toning Mist – Gorgeous scent, and great to refresh your skin and for extra hydration.

VERDURA NATURALTERNATIVES Lotus Hydrating Mist – A luxurious toning mist that softens and hydrates your skin. Made with lotus and hibiscus that are known for their toning and pore refining properties. It’s a delight to use and the hints of jasmine smells amazing.


LIVING LIBATIONS Rose Renewal + Frankincense Firming Fluid – This is one of my top favourite Living Libations products. It’s a hydrating firming serum that works to balance, hydrate and plump your skin. Used in conjunction with Frankincense Best Skin Ever, something in it helped fade my stubborn melasma completely (but must use the two products together). Rose Renewal + Frankincense Firming Fluid can be used on its own as a moisturizer for oily skin types and humid weather, or layered underneath your favourite moisturizer for a hydration boost.

LIVING LIBATIONS SoothSayer Serum – All-in-one moisturizing serum and facial oil, especially good for soothing inflamed or broken out skin, fading acne scars and hyperpigmentation, and eliminating redness or irritation. This jojoba-based serum is particularly therapeutic for acne-prone skin, it’s lightweight and absorbs beautifully.

LIVING LIBATIONS RoseGlow Serum – All-in-one moisturizing serum and facial oil. RoseGlow Serum is my favourite for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, plumping up the skin, and giving it a radiant glow. I recommend this serum for maturing skin.

ANNMARIE SKIN CARE Citrus Stem Cell Serum (formerly called Repair Serum) – A brightening and moisturizing gel serum. The formula is non-oily and absorbs beautifully leaving your skin hydrated, velvety soft.

DRUNK ELEPHANT B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel – I don’t like this serum on it’s own, but I love mixing it with a facial oil or moisturizer for extra hydration. I really see the difference in my skin. Most notably, it smooths and plumps the creppy wrinkled skin around my eyes, better than most eye creams.

REN CLEAN SKINCARE Instant Firming Beauty Shot – This hydrating serum really does firm your skin without feeling tight or sticky. I can sometimes get swelling under my eyes and this is the only product I have found that really makes a difference in the firmness of my skin. Results are not permanent, but they last throughout the day.

LEAHLANI Happy Hour Balancing Serum (formerly called Champagne Serum) – This oil-based serum is a dream. It’s very moisturizing and calming for the skin. If you have red, irritated, dry or sensitive skin, I strongly recommend trying this. The base is grapeseed oil which also makes it compatible with acne prone skin that needs extra care and nourishment.


THE ORDINARY Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane – This is obviously not a natural product, but I still think it’s an outstanding product. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different retinols and retinoids. I REALLY like this. It’s gentle, yet effective. It will smooth your skin, help keep blemishes at bay, keep your pores clear, and help fade acne scars and marks. I highly recommend this to anyone dealing with skin texture, clogged pores, dull skin, acne prone, or wanting to fade old acne marks and scars. As for anti-aging, it will help smooth your skin, but as far as firming it or getting rid of lines and wrinkles, I find a stronger retinol would work better.

Facial Oils

ANNMARIE SKIN CARE Herbal Facial Oil for Normal/Combination Skin – My absolute favourite facial oil. I find this oil to be so calming and nourishing for the skin. I use it as my nightly moisturizer and I can count on it to moisturize and balance my skin. This is particularly good for treating any kind of skin sensitivity, irritation, or stressed skin.

ILA SPA Face Oil For Glowing Radiance -A soothing facial oil with an argan oil base. Non-comedogenic, lightweight oil, and absorbs beautifully. This is one of the few oils I can comfortably wear during the day, as well as night.

UMA Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil – Light yet extremely nourishing, now I know why UMA Oils is considered the queen of oils! This is a beautiful oil in scent and texture, softening your skin and smoothing fine lines.

THE ORDINARY Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil – Rose hip seed oil is nourishing and calming. I know a lot of people who’ve used rose hip seed oil to fade acne scars and marks. I recommend this oil for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry, and maturing.

THE ORDINARY Squalane and Hemi-Squalane – These oils are lightweight yet nourishing. I find squalane oil to be one of the best oils for sensitive or irritated skin. It also has occlusive properties which helps to seal in moisture. The difference between regular squalane and hemi-squalane is the hemi-squalane is even lighter which could be a better choice if you have oily skin or want to use it in your hair.


TATA HARPER Clarifying Moisturizer – The best lightweight moisturizer I have found for oily and blemish-prone skin. This moisturizer softens and moisturizes the skin, plus reduces any redness or irritation, and has a matte finish. I like this as a day moisturizer, and also strongly recommend it for summer months, and hot/humid climates.

TATA HARPER Repairative Moisturizer – I recommend this moisturizer for dry and maturing skin, and dry or cold climates. It deeply moisturizes and hydrates your skin, yet it’s very lightweight and absorbs easily.

ODACITE Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Creme – If moisture and hydration is what you need, this time release creme is perfect. The consistency is closer to being a lotion. It’s lightweight, super hydrating, and you can feel it keeping your skin moisturized and supple all day long. Suitable for all skin types.

LIVING LIBATIONS RoseGlow Creme – This is a calming and very hydrating creme that works well to seal in moisture. I recommend this if you have normal, dry, sensitive or maturing skin. At night I like to add a drop of RoseGlow Serum to the RoseGlow Creme to make a nourishing overnight treatment.

ILA SPA Day Cream For Glowing Radiance – Over the years I have used jar after jar of this cream. It’s a soothing rich formula. In hot/humid climates I like using it as a nourishing night cream, but in cold or dry climates, you can use it both day and night.

JOSH ROSEBROOK Vital Balm Cream – I love this! If you have dry or dehydrated skin, this is a must try. It’s a hybrid between a balm and a cream, so it’s very rich and nourishing, and very protective. This is especially good at night if you sleep with indoor heating or air conditioning and you need a product to treat and protect your skin from getting so dry. Also, if you use a retinol and need a moisturizing product to help balance and restore your skin, this is also good.

BIOSSANCE Squalane + Omega Repair Cream – This is great for dry and sensitive skin. There’s no fragrance or essential oils, and it truly helps to repair and replenish dry skin. I highly recommend it.

Spot Treatments

LIVING LIBATIONS Zippity Dew Dab – An essential oil blend specifically formulated to speed up the healing of blemishes and cystic pimples.

LIVING LIBATIONS DewDabSoothSayer Serum – This duo works particularly well for fading acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and marks left behind from acne and breakouts. For best results, every night add 1-2 drops of DewDab essential oil blend to the SoothSayer Serum, and apply to your face and neck. Over the course of a few weeks you should start seeing your skin tone even out, and marks and bumps fading.

VERDURA NATURALTERNATIVES Blue Fairy Concentrate Facial Oil – Formulated for acne and oily skin, this facial oil is one of the best face oil and spot treatment I’ve used to decongest clogged pores and sooth broken out skin. You can use it as a spot treatment or as a facial oil – simultaneously it will moisturize, clarify, and treat problem skin.

LIVING LIBATIONS Tea Tree Essential Oil – Dab on pimples to speed up healing and reduce inflammation.

Eye Creams & Lash Treatments

100% PURE Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream – Great eye cream for reducing puffiness under the eye. It absorbs well and doesn’t have any oily residue, perfect as a day time eye cream and works well under makeup.

LIVING LIBATIONS All Seeing Eye Creme – Soothing and moisturizing eye cream that treats and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I like to keep this eye cream in the fridge, so it’s nice and cool upon application.

UMA Absolute Anti-Aging Eye Oil – Want to wake up in the morning without puffy eyes? Use this eye oil at night! I’ve noticed a massive difference using this eye oil, not only waking up without eye puffiness, but also smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I like to use UMA Absolute Anti-Aging Eye Oil only at night, and during the day I will use an eye cream which works better under makeup and concealer.

Castor Oil – Every night I like to dab a drop of castor oil over the “crow’s feet” / outer-eye wrinkles, usually on top of my eye cream to seal in moisture. I also like to apply castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes as an overnight treatment (helps to keep them strong and full). An easy way to apply castor oil to lashes & eyebrows is buy castor oil already in a tube with a mascara wand for mess-free application.

Wrinkle Treatments & Anti-Aging

TATA HARPER Moisturizing Mask – I absolutely love this moisturizing mask. This overnight mask will plump up your skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Every time I use this mask I see a significant reduction of lines and wrinkles on my skin. I especially love using it after flying, when my skin is in serious need of deep hydration and moisture.

TATA HARPER Rejuvenating Serum – This is a rich anti-aging serum. Great for softening and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and giving maturing skin the extra moisture it needs to maintain elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

LIVING LIBATIONS DewDab – This is a great wrinkle treatment. This essential oil blend is formulated to heal and fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation, but it’s as effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For best results, dab a small drop of DewDab on wrinkles, or add a drop or two to a facial oil and apply it over your entire face and neck. I use it only at night.

Face Masks

OSKIA Renaissance Mask – My ultimate favourite mask. This masks gently exfoliates, rejuvenates and hydrates your skin leaving it super smooth, supple, and bright. Suitable for all skin types, but I’d strongly recommend this mask to anyone that has dehydrated, dull, or lacklustre skin.

UMA Absolute Anti-Aging Face Mask – This is an all-in-one purifying, soothing, and brightening mask. Most anti-aging masks are usually quite heavy on the “nourishment,” meaning they’re quite moisturizing and not always compatible with sensitive or breakout-prone skin. I was happily surprised by this mask because it’s more of a refining mask combatting clogged and enlarged pores, softening fine line and wrinkles, and gently evens out skin tone. Your skin glows after using this mask.

MAY LINDSTROM The Problem Solver – I LOVE this mask. This mask will make your skin feel fresh and glowing. It cleanses, brightens and deeply clarifies your skin, and makes it baby soft. If you’re challenged by breakouts, pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, or you just want your skin to look better – this mask is a must try. For added hydration, I like to add 1 tsp of smooth raw honey to this mask.

VERDURA NATURALTERNATIVES Fruit Complex Facial Mask – Want silky smooth and hydrated skin? This mask is it. The colloidal oat and aloe based mask draws moisture to the skin while the fruit enzymes gently exfoliate. Such a gentle, yet effectively brightening and smoothing mask. One of my top favourites.

LIVING LIBATIONS Royal Rose Honey Mask + Clarifying Clay – This is a deeply cleansing, exfoliating and brightening mask. I recommend this if you are prone to getting clogged pores, blackheads, or dull skin. This will slough off all the surface build up revealing bright soft clear skin.

Wash Cloths/Flannels

GROVIA Cloth Wipes – The softest washcloths I have found. Great for the regular oil cleansing method using a damp washcloth.

BUMKINS Reusable Flannel Wipes – Soft, absorbable cotton flannels perfect for dry oil cleansing without water.

Lip Balms & Treatments

LIVING LIBATIONS RoseGlow Lover Lips – The Lover Lips lip balm range from Living Libations is amazing. Super nourishing without being sticky, heavy or waxy. The RoseGlow is my favourite, it has a slight red tint. The Vanilla Chamomile is without a tint, and just as good.

HURRAW! Tinted Cinnamon Lip Balm – Lightweight and moisturizing lip balm. I love the scent of the cinnamon flavour.

HURRAW! Tinted Black Cherry Lip Balm – I love the red tint of this lip balm, it’s subtle yet very complementary. I have a hard time not wearing it every single day!

Shine Control / Primers

VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfector – Silicone-free, primer/mattifier that lasts all day long, even in hot tropical Bali! If you have uncontrollable shiny skin like me, you’ll love this product. Plus, it’s non-comedogenic, safe for acne-prone skin. It really is a “skin perfector” disguising enlarged pores and giving your skin a smooth finish.

TATA HARPER Clarifying Moisturizer – This is a moisturizer, but it does have a matte finish and formulated for blemish-prone skin. This is the perfect “all in one product” if you’re looking for a light weight moisturizer that also controls shine.

Concealers & Foundation

ANNMARIE SKIN CARE Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation – I absolutely love this makeup! It’s a pigmented makeup powder that you mix with your favourite facial oil, serum, or moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer, foundation, or concealer. You have full control over the shade and coverage, and since you mix it with your oil or moisturizer, the chances of getting breakouts or having a reaction to the product is close to none. I recommend getting the Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation Sample Kit first, because it comes with samples of all 9 shades so you can try the makeup and make sure you select the perfect shade to match your skin tone.

RMS BEAUTY “Un” Cover-Up – Great concealer for blemishes and disguising any redness or uneven skin tone. I love how emollient this concealer is, so it’s quite moisturizing which is good for concealing blemishes and pimples. You can use the “Un” Cover-Up as a concealer or foundation. It’s very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

MILK MAKEUP Flex Concealer – This is not all natural, but the ingredients are not bad either. I love this concealer for the under eye area. This is the only concealer I’ve found so far that I don’t need to set with powder, it’s doesn’t crease or emphasize lines and wrinkles, and it’s quite long wearing. I highly recommend it.


ALIMA PURE Satin Finishing Powder – If you’re looking for a setting powder that has a natural skin-like finish, this is great. I find it undetectable on my skin and I can even use it as an under eye setting powder without it emphasizing texture or wrinkles. If you’re looking for a setting powder that still allows you to still have a glowy finish, this is perfect.

RMS BEAUTY Tinted “Un” Powder – This is my favourite powder for blurring pores and eliminating t-zone shine. If you’re looking for an air brushed finish, this is amazing. The “Un” Powder is extremely light weight, absorbs excess oil like a dream, and is buildable for a matte finish without looking cakey or powdery. I use this everywhere on my face except under my eyes. I prefer the Tinted “Un” Powder. The translucent “Un” Powder leaves a white/blueish cast on my skin.

Sun Protection

SUNTEGRITY 5-in-1 Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30 – This is the best all-natural, non-toxic physical sunscreen I have found. It’s moisturizing (but not heavy or greasy), absorbs really well, non-comedogenic, and fully protects your skin. This tinted sunscreen comes in 5 shades, or if you prefer a face sunscreen without a tint, you can get the Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen SPF 30.

SWEAT COSMETICS Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Translucent Mineral Powder + Twist Brush (I use this powder SPF to top-up my sunscreen throughout the day. This mineral sunscreen is zinc-based, and I find it undetectable on my skin. It’s not heavy, powdery, or cakey. I like how I can also use this in place of powder to eliminate t-zone shine throughout the day.

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