How to get rid of forehead bumps

Do you have tiny, colourless bumps all over your forehead? Kind of like the skin on your forehead has a bumpy texture? It’s not pimples, it’s not a red rash, and it doesn’t look like it will come to a head. It’s tiny raised bumps all over your forehead (and sometimes on your cheeks, chin, and jawline too).

That bumpy texture is clogged pores. Usually coming from a build up of dead skin cells, skin care products, excess sebum, and debris clogging your pores.

You might have sensitive skin that congests easily from certain skin care products. Ingredients like coconut oil, marula oil, and even some waxes and emulsifiers in moisturizers and lotions can cause those tiny bumps on your forehead.

And your diet can cause the bumpy skin texture too. You can be eating something that is stimulating excess sebum production that is clogging your pores. Check out this blog post on what to change in your diet to get rid of tiny bumps on your forehead.

But today I want to give you a skin care trick to get rid of those tiny bumps.

And that is to start double cleansing your skin at night.

If done correctly, you can get rid of those bumps quickly and easily (sometimes in a few days, sometimes it take a few weeks). And your skin will become super smooth and bright as well.

Try double cleansing to get rid of skin texture and small bumps on your forehead. Double cleansing will give you smooth skin.

What is “double cleansing” your skin?

Double cleansing is simply washing your face twice in a row with a VERY gentle, non-foaming, oil-based cleanser (more details on how to double cleanse properly, and what to use below). You only double cleanse your skin at night (never in the morning).

Why is double cleansing so effective at keeping you skin smooth (and getting rid of bumpy texture)?

Bumpy skin on your forehead is a symptom that your skin is congested.

Your pores are probably being blocked by skin care products, dead skin cells, oil and sebum, hair care products, pollution, makeup, or sunscreen that is building up on the surface of your skin (usually it’s a combination of these things).

Makeup and skin care products (especially foundation and sunscreens) are not the easiest to remove. Many times if you’re wearing a lot of products and makeup on your face, when you wash your face at night, your cleanser might not be removing everything in one go. Or, it’s removing the makeup, sunscreen, but not removing the dead skin cells underneath or lifting sebum that’s building up in your pores.

If you wear foundation, sunscreen, makeup, many layers of skin care products – you need to make sure you remove all products thoroughly at the end of the day, before washing your face. And, that’s what “double cleansing” is. Step 1 is washing your face to remove all makeup, sunscreen, skin care products, debris and pollution. Step 2 is washing your face again to wash away dead skin cells and sebum.

You should only double cleanse your skin at night, after a long day of wearing products on your skin. There’s no need to double cleanse your skin in the morning, and in fact if your do so, you could potentially be over cleansing your skin, irritating it, and drying it out.

As long as you use a very gentle, oil-based cleanser to double cleanse your skin and only do this at night,  you will see the texture of your skin begin to smooth out quite rapidly, even in a few days. That’s because you’re thoroughly removing everything that is building up on the surface of your skin, and sloughing off dead skin cells and sebum that could be clogging up your pores.

This techniques is essentially cleaning and exfoliating your skin very gently, without using abrasive scrubs, irritating ingredients, or being rough on your skin.

Who should double cleanse?

You should double cleanse your skin at night if your skin has a bumpy texture, and you answer “yes” to any of the following things:

  • You wear sunscreen or sunblock (chemical or physical sunblocks)
  • You wear foundation
  • You wear a lot of concealer and face powder
  • You wear a lot of skin care products during the day
  • You live in an area where there is a lot of pollution
  • You live in a hot or humid climate
  • You have bangs
  • You use a lot of hair styling products
  • You regularly wear hats

How to double cleanse

  1. Remove eye makeup and lipstick
  2. Take a small amount of your oil-based cleanser and gently rub it into your dry skin on your face and neck.
  3. Rinse your face and neck with water, or wipe the cleanser off your face with a damp clean washcloth or flannel.
  4. Gently apply another small amount of your oil-based cleanser to your face and neck.
  5. Rinse your face and neck again with water, or use a damp washcloth or flannel to remove the cleanser.
  6. Allow your face and neck to air dry before applying any skin product.

The double cleanse rules

To get the best results, details count! Follow the rules below to ensure you’re doing everything properly.

  1. Never wash your face with soap, foaming, or lathering cleansers.
  2. Only double cleanse your skin with a very gentle cleanser that is preferably oil-based (like an cleansing oil, cleansing cream, cleansing milk, or cleansing balm – some of my personal recommendations are below).
  3. Don’t double cleanse your skin with a water-based gel cleanser (an oil-based gel cleanser should be ok). A water-based gel cleanser can be too striping/drying if used twice in a row.
  4. Never double cleanse with medicated cleansers (anything containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, etc.)
  5. Never double cleanse with an exfoliant or a cleanser that has a grainy or abrasive texture.
  6. Never use a face brush or gadget to double cleanse (like a Clarisonic brush).
  7. If you use honey to cleanse your skin, you can use it in your double cleansing routine, but only for the second cleanse. For example, wash your face once with a cleansing oil, milk, or balm; and follow by washing your face a second time with honey (honey can be quite astringent, so best only to use it once for cleansing or else it can irritate your skin).
  8. Only double cleanse your skin at night.
  9. Never double cleanse your skin in the morning (there’s no need, you’ve already thoroughly washed your face of makeup, sunscreen, debris and pollution at night). If you double cleanse in the morning, you’ll be over washing your face, stripping it of it’s natural protective oils, and irritating it. Better to wash your face just once in the morning like you normally do.
  10. If you have dry or sensitive skin, only double cleanse your skin on days you are wearing sunscreen, foundation, or heavy skin care products.
  11. On days where you’re not wearing makeup or sunscreen, and your skin is left bare; no need to double cleanse your skin at night.

What happens once the small bumps on your forehead clears up?

When your skin clears up, it’s up to you and your situation if you should or even need to continue double cleansing your skin at night.

If you normally don’t wear anything on your face during the day, once your skin clears up from the double cleansing, you can stop double cleansing, and go back to washing your face just once at night.

If you wear makeup, foundation, sunscreen, or live in a hot, polluted area, you’ll probably want to continue double cleansing (especially on days when you’re wearing foundation and/or sunscreen). You can always just double cleanse on days that you’re wearing makeup or sunscreen, or feel like your skin needs more thorough cleansing. Some people prefer to double cleanse every night, others rather double cleanse every other night, or even every two nights. It’s really up to how your skin is responding to it, and what feels best for you.

Recommended products for double cleansing

Here’s a few cleansers & wash cloths I recommend for double cleansing:

Do you double cleanse your skin? If so, I would love to hear your results or what cleansers you use. Please post below.

And, if you really want to get super smooth skin quickly, check out my blog post, 3 Foods To Take Out Of Your Diet To Get Rid Of Tiny Bumps On Your Forehead (do the double cleansing and take these 3 foods out of your diet – you’ll get the best results!). Click Here to see the article & video.

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