Leahlani Skincare gets an enormous WOW from me!

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve tried a skincare product that I’m head over heels in love with.

I want to say a big thank you to all of you telling me I needed to try Leahlani Skincare.

I’ve know about the brand for many years, it’s been on my “To Buy” list. But, it’s not until I got the nudge from you telling me to try the products, that I finally did. And I’m so grateful for that.

My results over the 30 Day experiment using Leahlani Skincare was great. Most notably how much the products evened out my skin tone, and getting rid of redness. My skin was also exceptionally smooth and clear throughout the 30 day experiment.

If you saw my First Impressions video trying out all 3 Leahlani products for the first time, you might recall I had some skin issues when I started the experiment. Mainly, I stopped breastfeeding my daughter 2 weeks before the experiment started. At the time, my skin was sensitive, irritated, and very red in the center of my face. As my hormones were fluctuating, and my menstrual cycle resuming after a 3 year hiatus (yes, 3 years! No period while I was pregnant and then another 2 years while I was breastfeeding). As my menstrual cycle started again, I was expecting some major hormonal breakouts. In all honesty, I was expecting my skin to explode!

I think the skincare gods were looking out for me, because the Leahlani products worked amazing. In particular, the Happy Hour Balancing Serum (formally called Champagne Serum) was exactly what I needed. It completely balanced, strengthened, and soothed my red sensitive skin. Within one week of using it, I could tell my skin was on the mend. By the end of the 30 day experiment, my skin was looking good. My complexion was even and clear, and no more sensitivity. I would go as far to say, my skin is looking better than it has in a while. And a lot of that has to do with this one magical product. I also want to mention that I didn’t need to wear any concealer or makeup the entire 30 days. My skin was that good!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I did have some challenges using the Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil. I will get more into that in today’s final review video. Let’s just say, I had to experiment with different ways of using it to make it work. Despite my challenges, I did use it for the entire 30 day experiment, and I still got great results!

Leahlani Skincare review of Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil, Happy Hour Serum (Champagne Serum), and Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask.

Now that I’ve gone through highlights from the 30 Day Leahlani Experiment, let’s get into my full review of each product, and the 30 Day Leahlani Skincare Experiment.

For this 30 Day Leahlani Skincare Experiment, I used these 3 products:

  • Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil
  • Happy Hour Balancing Serum (the original name of this product was Champagne Serum. They just recently changed it. The formula has not changed, but name has)
  • Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask

Make sure to check out today’s video (at the top of the blog post) for my final review of the Leahlani products, my results, and how I’m everything now that the experiment is over.

For easy reference, I’ve also included a written review of each product below.

Leahlani Skincare Review

Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil from the Leahlani Skincare review.

Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil

What is it?

Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil is a first step oil cleanser for removing makeup, impurities, and cleansing the skin.

This oil cleanser is formulated to rinse off clean with water (no wash cloth needed).

It has papaya and pineapple enzymes to brighten and gently exfoliate the skin, and the base carrier oils are macadamia seed oil and sunflower seed oil making it a nourishing oil cleanser.

The Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil is formulated for all skin types, including acne prone.

How long have I been using it?

I used it daily for the 30 day experiment. Now that the experiment is over, I still continue to use it a few times a week, but not daily.

How did I use it?

I used it mainly at night to wash my face, and mornings when I didn’t exercise (when I exercise in the morning, I prefer not washing my face with a cleanser, and instead just rinse with water after exercising).

What were my expectations?

When I was buying the products, I was having a VERY hard time choosing between the Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil and the Bless Beauty Balm. I was actually more drawn to the Bless Beauty Balm because it didn’t have waxes. Most balms have waxes, and they tend to block my pores and congest my skin. Plus, the Bless Beauty Balm could potentially be more nourishing for my maturing skin.

But, the Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil could be rinsed off clean with just water. Whereas with the Bless Beauty Balm, you would need a wash cloth to remove it.

So for me, the deciding factor was the fact that the Pamplemousse Cleansing Oil could be rinsed off. With all my hormone changes recently, my skin is more sensitive, and if possible I would prefer to skip using a washcloth.

The Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil is also suppose to be brightening from all the fruit enzymes in the product, so I was curious to see how that would work out too.

What did I like about the product?

The big standout about the product was how easy it was to apply and work into your skin. Sometimes oil cleansers can be too thick and tacky, making it difficult to spread and work into your skin. Or, the opposite, they’re too thin and runny, that you need a lot of product to cleanse your skin.

I found the consistency of the Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil to be perfect. It’s easy to apply and you don’t need that much product to fully cleanse your skin. 1-2 pumps is enough to wash your face and neck, and the bottle could last you a good 4-6 months.

The product did a great job removing sunscreen, dirt and debris, makeup, and build up from the day.

It was also very nourishing, but not overly nourishing that it felt heavy on my skin or clogged pores. Using all the Leahlani products over the 30 days, my skin was exceptionally clear, not a single bump or clogged pore.

My skin always felt soft and supple after cleansing. And I have to say, the tropical citrus vanilla scent of the product made it pleasure to use.

As far as being a brightening product, I didn’t notice any difference in my complexion, but it did keep my very skin clear.

Having a history of melasma, I’m always cautious using new products containing essential oils, especially “brightening products” with citrus oils. In my case, these can trigger my melasma to reappear or darken. This product didn’t affect my melasma at all. It didn’t do anything to improve hyperpigmentation, but it also didn’t make it worse.

What I didn’t like about the product?

When I did my First Impressions video trying the Leahlani Skincare products for the first time, I had mentioned that the cleanser did not rinse off completely as expected. When I tried rinsing it off with just water, there was residue of the oil cleanser left on my skin.

At first I didn’t mind the residue. I figured that the trace amount of oil would add more moisture and nourishment to my skin. But by the second day of using the product, my skin started to itch and sting.

I was pretty sure it was the cleanser that was irritating my skin, so I tried using a washcloth to remove it instead of rinsing it off with water, which was a lot better.

But, I bought the product because it was an oil cleanser that could be rinsed off with just water. That’s how it’s described, and that’s how I intended to use it. So it was a bit disappointing. I wonder if it’s because where I live, the water is so hard. Maybe that makes it difficult to rinse the cleanser off? I’ve looked at the reviews of this product and no where do I see anyone mentioning this issue.

So for the first half of the 30 day experiment, I ended up using a washcloth with the cleanser to wash my face. This took off most of the product, but I was still uneasy about it potentially irritating my skin.

Then, halfway through the experiment, there was one night I was washing my face with the Pamplemousse Cleansing Oil and realized I didn’t have a fresh wash cloth to remove it. I rinsed it off with water, but was unable to fully wash it off. I decided to follow it by washing my face with Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser (a mild gel cleanser). It turned out these two cleansers worked great together.

So for the second half of the experiment, I did my first cleanse every night with the Leahlani Pamplemousse Cleanser (without the washcloth), and then followed it with a second cleanse using the mild gel cleanser from Drunk Elephant.

I found this approach to be the best, because I could skip using a wash cloth, and remove any trace residue of the Pamplemousse Cleansing Oil with the mild gel cleanser. Normally I don’t like using gel cleansers for my maturing skin, but using this oil cleanser as my first step, I found it protected my skin from drying out from the gel cleanser.

All in all, I did find a way to make this cleanser work for the 30 day experiment, but beyond the experiment, I wouldn’t want to continue using this as my daily cleanser. Once in a while, paired with another cleanser for a deep cleanse is fine. I also really like using it with the Leahlani Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask (more on that in my review of the mask below). But on it’s own, this isn’t my cleanser of choice.

Who would I recommend this to?

I would recommend this to anyone who likes double cleansing using two different cleansers.

I know there’s a lot of you out there that love to use an oil for your first cleanse to remove makeup and sunscreen, and then follow it with a different cleanser to remove any traces from the first cleanse. If that is you, then maybe this is a product worth trying out for your first step oil cleanse.

As I said, using the Leahlani Skincare products over the 30 Day Experiment left my skin exceptionally clear and hydrated, including using this cleanser. It would be suitable for most skin types including normal, oily, dry, combination, maturing, and acne prone.

Who shouldn’t use it?

If you have sensitive or sensitized skin, I wouldn’t recommend this cleanser.

If you have sensitivities to fruit enzymes or essential oils, this product might not be the best for you.

This cleanser removes makeup and sunscreen easily, but I wouldn’t use this as an eye makeup remover. I find the product too strong to use on the eye area to remove mascara, eyeliner, etc. Better to use something super mild without any essential oils for removing eye makeup.

Would I re-purchase it?

No, but I would like to try Leahlani’s Bless Beauty Balm as a cleanser instead.


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Happy Hour Serum (formerly called The Champagne Serum) from the Leahlani Skincare review.

Happy Hour Balancing Serum

What is it?

Happy Hour Balancing Serum (previously called Champagne Serum – same formula but new name) is a soothing and balancing oil-based serum, formulated to combat redness and inflammation.

Suitable for all skin types, but especially soothing, calming and nourishing for sensitive and dry skin types prone to redness and inflammation.

The Happy Hour Balancing Serum contains an array of antioxidants, nutrients, extracts, and essential oils; formulated to calm, strengthen, and balance your skin.

How long have I been using it?

6+ weeks (I’ve continued using it after I completed the 30 day experiment).

How did I use it?

For the 30 Day Leahlani Skincare Experiment, I used the Happy Hour Balancing Serum morning and night as my treatment serum and moisturizer.

I used 1 pump of the serum in the morning after cleansing, and 2 pumps of the serum at night after cleansing.

What were my expectations?

When I was selecting a serum and moisturizer for the 30 Day Leahlani Experiment, I was having a really hard time choosing – they all looked really good!

Since it was my first time ever using Leahlani Skincare, I didn’t want to overload my skin with too many new products. So I decided to narrow down my choice to something that could act as a hybrid between a moisturizer and treatment serum. And that’s when the Happy Hour Balancing Serum stood out to me.

I was intrigued that it could help get rid of redness. I am prone to a lot of redness in the center of my face (chin, around my nose, and in between my eye brows). When I kicked off this experiment, the redness was especially bad from the change in my hormones (I just stopped breastfeeding and the skin on my face was really sensitive, red and irritated).

This was a perfect time to test out a product formulated specifically to calm inflamed skin. So I wanted to see it’s magic.

What did I like about the product?

I LOVE this product.

I absolutely LOVE it!

The Happy Hour Balancing Serum really worked at calming my skin, reducing redness, evening out my skin tone, and strengthening my skin.

I noticed a big difference in my skin after just one month of using it.

The big stand out benefit was how much it reduce redness and irritation.

I started the experiment with really sensitive, inflamed skin. By the end of the experiment, my skin was strong, resilient, and healthy again.

For the entire 30 Day Leahlani Experiment, I didn’t use any concealer or foundation. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t need to!

This serum really helped to get rid of the red patches on my face, and even faded some old acne marks.

I will also say that my skin was exceptionally clear the entire 30 days. Not a single bump or clogged pore. I feel it’s down to this product, and the entire Leahlani Skincare routine I was following.

The Happy Hour Balancing Serum really works (and I don’t say that lightly).

I also liked how moisturizing it was. For the 30 day experiment, I could comfortably use this as a treatment serum/moisturizer, no problem. And even though it’s an oil, it absorbs beautifully, never making your skin look greasy or oily. For best absorption, I have found it’s best to use it on clean skin and give it a good 10-15 minutes to fully absorb.

What I didn’t like about the product?

There’s nothing not to like, it’s a beautiful product, and I got great results using it.

Who would I recommend this to?

All skin types would benefit from using the Happy Hour Serum. Especially acne prone, redness prone, dry, irritated or sensitive skin.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend products with essential oils for irritated skin, but with this product, I would make the exception. I had no problem using it when my skin was irritated and extra sensitive. For best results to treat irritated skin, I would use it with a very mild and minimal skincare routine, so the serum can really do its work.

I also want to say this is a fantastic product for acne prone skin. If you need a moisturizer, try this. It will hydrate and moisturize your skin, and it will calm the redness and irritation from breakouts. The base oils is grapeseed oils which is high in linoleic acid making it compatible and balancing for acne prone skin. Plus the product has tea extracts, calendula, chamomile flower, and blue tansy which are all known to be very soothing for acne. From the 6+ weeks I’ve been using it, my skin has been exceptionally healthy and clear.

For most skin types, this serum would dually work great as a serum to treat redness and irritation, and as a moisturizer. If you have normal, oily, or combination skin, this products is all you need. But if you have really dry or dehydrated skin, you might want to use a moisturizer on top to seal in moisture.

Who shouldn’t use it?

If you have sensitivities to plant oils or essential oils, this product is not for you.

If you use products with a lot of essential oils, I would be cautious adding the Happy Hour Balancing Serum into your skincare routine.

Personally, I found I got the best results using the Happy Hour Balancing Serum with the other Leahlani Skincare products, or, with mild skincare products formulated without essential oils. I found that when I used other brands’ products that had a lot of essential oils in the same skincare routine with the Happy Hour Serum, I didn’t get as great results, and I was running the risk of irritating my skin with too many essential oils.

The Happy Hour Balancing Serum really works, if you let it. And with this serum in particular, I find the less you use in your skincare routine with it, the better it performs.

If you do have other skincare favourites from other brands and these products have a lot of essential oils and active botanicals, you can always use them separately, at opposite times of the day. For example, use the Leahlani Happy Hour Serum in the morning with other mild products, and at night use your other products containing essential oils and botanicals. This way, you get the benefits from all your products, without them conflicting or overwhelming your skin all at once.

Would I re-purchase it?

Absolutely YES!


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Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask from the Leahlani Skincare review.

Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask from the Leahlani Skincare review.

Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask

What is it?

Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask is a multi-functioning moisturizing mask that hydrates, plumps, brightens, and gently exfoliates the skin.

The mask is made up of Hawaiian raw honey, rose clay, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and an array of tropical fruits and fruit oils.

How long have I been using it?

Over 6 weeks.

How did I use it?

I used it 2-3 nights a week (every 2-3 days).

I would first double cleanse with the Leahlani Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil, then use the Meli Glow Mask (leave it on for 15-30 minutes), rinse off and follow it with the Happy Hour Balancing Serum.

What were my expectations?

I was expecting it to be a moisturizing mask that would brighten and hydrate my skin.

What did I like about the product?

The Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask truly hydrates, brightens, and tones the skin.

The standout benefit was how hydrated and plumped my skin was the day after I used the mask. Normally when I use any facial mask, the results are usually immediate, and fade by the next day. But I found when I used the Meli Glow Mask in conjunction with first washing my face with the Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil, my skin was still looking radiant and super hydrated the very next day. (I’ve since tried using the Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask after cleansing with a plain gel cleanser, and I don’t get the same super hydrated, long-lasting plumped skin results like I do using it after cleansing with an oil cleanser. So, if want extra hydration and more lasting results, make sure you wash your face with a nourishing oil-based cleanser before using the mask, instead of a gel cleanser or water-based face wash).

I also liked that there’s a little (but not too much), rose clay to clarify and exfoliate your skin. It’s just enough to give you a deeper cleanse without being overly clarifying or drying.

Every time I used the mask, it would make my skin more hydrated, my pores less viseable, my skin was brighter, softer, and more even toned.

The mask is also a pleasure to use. It smell like strawberry jam and feels comfortable on your skin. It doesn’t dry down, so it won’t ever feel tight, heavy, or drying to your skin.

What I didn’t like about the product?

There’s a little exfoliating texture to the mask from the clay. I was surprised by this because there’s no mention of it in the product description. Leahlani’s other two masks are purifying masks, and I choose the Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask because it’s a moisturizing mask. I didn’t expect it to be a physical exfoliant as well.

I have to say, it isn’t a harsh or rough texture, it’s barely there, but it’s still there. I’m very sensitive to physical exfoliants, and it never irritated or sensitized my skin. So I had no problem using it, but I just wished I was forewarned! (Or maybe it’s good thing I wasn’t, because I might not have tried this beautiful mask).

Who would I recommend this to?

Anyone with dehydrated skin would greatly benefit from using this mask.

Even though it’s a “moisturizing” mask, it’s not an oily mask, it won’t leave a residue, so even for acne prone skin, this mask could be very beneficial.

If you have dull skin or old acne marks, this mask will brighten your skin, and help to fade old acne scars and marks.

This mask is a good one for mature skin of all skin types (except super sensitive). I found it always made my skin appear firmer, brighter, plumping my skin which smoothed out crepiness, enlarged pores and texture (all the lovely things that come with getting older!!!).

I find it can dually act as a hydrating/moisturizing mask and a clarifying mask. To boost the moisturizing/hydrating effect, wash your face first with an oil-based cleanser. If you want a more clarifying, deep pore-cleansing effect, wash your face first with a water-based cleanser.

Who shouldn’t use it?

If your skin is really irritated, or you have active acne, I wouldn’t use this mask. Even though the exfoliating texture is slight, I think it would aggravate irritated skin, and I wouldn’t want to use this on pimples or acne breakouts either.

Also, if you don’t like masks with any exfoliating texture, don’t use this mask.

If you are allergic to bee products, this mask contains honey and not suitable for you.

This mask has kaolin (rose clay), some people with eczema are sensitive to this ingredient.

Would I re-purchase it?

Yes! But I want to try Leahlani’s other masks first.


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Final thoughts & beyond the 30 day Leahlani Skincare Experiment

Overall, it was an absolute delight to use these Leahlani Skincare products.

I have to say, my skin is looking good! Better than it’s looked in a while.

I loved the products and the results I got using them.

All the products I selected worked really well for dry/maturing skin, and acne prone skin.

It’s the first time I’ve found a selection of product that clarified my skin, while nourishing and toning it at the same time. That’s not an easy feat!

Since I completed my 30 Day Leahlani Skincare Experiment, I’ve continued using all the products. I’ve integrated them into my regular skincare routine, and experimented to see how they perform when used with other products from different brands.

I’ve found the Leahlani products worked the best when used together, or, with products that don’t contain essentials oils, or strong active ingredients.

These products are in many ways medicinal, and you don’t want anything interfering with their performance.

I’m so happy to have come across Leahlani products because this is now something I can recommend to my friends, clients and readers with dry or dehydrated skin, that may be acne prone as well.

Another big standout from this experiment was how well the skincare routine worked using such minimal products. All I used everyday was the cleanser and serum. 2-3 times a week I used the mask. I didn’t need a 10-step skincare routine to clean, hydrate and sooth my dehydrated, irritated, breakout prone, 43 year old skin. It goes to show, a little goes a long way, especially when you find quality products that really work.

If you want to see a full video demo of me using all the products, check out: 30 Day Leahlani Skincare Experiment (Part 1: First Impressions).


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