If you exercise regularly and struggling with melasma, I’ve got something very interesting to share with you that might help.

I’ll tell you right now, exercise won’t cause melasma, but the skincare products you are using while you exercise could make it worse.

Find out what skincare products and ingredients to avoid when exercising to not make melasma or hyperpigmentation worse.

As most of you know, after the births of both my daughters, I struggled with melasma.

Over the years I’ve done a lot with my diet and skincare routine to get rid of the melasma. It’s been a very long journey. Majority of the things I tried didn’t do very much, but here and there I would find things that really made a difference.

A few months ago I came across a few natural products that got rid of the melasma completely (I was beyond thrilled!).

And I was able to maintain my results for a couple of months, even when I stopped using the products.

I thought I was in the clear!

Then I started exercising.

And something strange started happening with the melasma. It started coming back again.

I wasn’t getting new dark patches, but the old ones I thought were gone started to darken and appear again. 

I started to see a pattern that when I used certain skincare products while exercising, the combination of those products and exercising would trigger the melasma to darken and appear again.

I believe it’s the combination of certain skincare ingredients and the increase of heat and blood flow from exercise that would aggravate my skin, and cause the melasma to worsen.

Once I stopped using the products while I exercised, the melasma would start to fade and eventually disappear.

So don’t be afraid of exercise. It won’t cause melasma. But, if you have melasma, you must be VERY careful with what skincare products and ingredients you are putting on your skin while you workout.

Watch today’s video below to find out how I’ve since changed my skincare routine to protect the melasma from darkening or getting worse. I go over what skincare products and ingredients I no longer use while I exercise, and what I recommend using instead.

Products I’m currently using when exercising:

Cleanse: DRUNK ELEPHANT Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser

Moisturize: THE ORDINARY Organic Argan Oil

If I exercise outdoors, this is my favourite sunscreen: SUNTEGRITY 5 in 1 Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF30

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