Cloth Wipes (Face Cloths)

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GroVia Cloth Wipes are the ultimate BEST washcloths.

Originally designed for babies, these reusable, ultra soft terry washcloths are perfect for washing your face, oil cleansing, removing cleansing balms and makeup.

These washcloths are plush, yet gentle. They lift makeup, dirt, debris, and build up off the surface of your skin without scratching or irritating your skin. They come in packs of 12 washcloths, so you have a fresh washcloth every time you cleanse.

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Care Instructions

  • Machine washable
  • Line or Tumble Dry
  • Do NOT use bleach or fabric softeners
  • Recommended: If possible, wash these Cloth Wipes with an Eco or Free & Clear detergent. I find they last even longer when using a gentle detergent (it’s not necessary, but recommended!).


  • Colour: White
  • Size: 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm)
  • Materials: 88% Polyester / 12% Cotton
  • 12 Cloth Wipes per pack


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