Tea Tree Essential Oil

Authentic Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil is a herculean do-all. Touted as a little miracle, Tea Tree Essential Oil soothes, refreshes, cleanses, and purifies. This pale, golden oil is steam distilled and exudes a fresh, aromatic camphor scent.

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Tea tree oil has many uses. It can be used as a skin soother and improver. It is used as a cleanser and treatment for acne, to wash away dry flakes, and improve the appearance of the skin. Add a drop under freshly scrubbed nails for extra cleanliness and white tips.

Tips From Natasha

Tea Tree Oil For Pimples & Acne:

Tea Tree Essential Oil can help speed up the healing of blemishes and breakouts.

Best to use as a spot treatment on pimples, and not all over your face.

For first time use and sensitive skin types, best to dilute with a carrier oil like jojoba oil (can dilute 1-2 drops tea tree oil with 10-12 drops of a carrier oil). After cleansing and moisturizing your skin, dab the diluted tea tree oil on your spots and pimples.

* Always patch test first!*

For experienced tea tree oil users, you can dilute it or apply it neat on pimples as a spot treatment.

Only use once a day, at night.

Don’t use tea tree oil with other acne treatment products (choose one or the other. Using too many active ingredients at once will irritate your skin).


Organic Ingredient:

100% Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Essential Oil)
Steam distilled
Country of origin: Australia


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