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I’ve created The CLEAR SKIN Essentials to help you improve your diet, lifestyle and skincare routine to get clear blemish-free skin.

If you’re on this website for the very first time, I want you to join my FREE Acne Solutions 5-Day Email Course right away. This 5 day email course will get you started. You’ll learn five diet and lifestyle changes you can do immediately to start clearing up your skin.



If you are new to eating a healthier diet for clear skin, I recommend taking my course The CLEAR SKIN Diet Rules. This course will be your foundation, walking you through the fundamental diet changes you need to make for clear skin. This video course tells you exactly what you need to add in, and take out of your diet for blemish-free skin.

If you are interested in improving your skincare routine and adopting a gentler approach to skincare to heal breakouts quicker, and prevent scarring and hyperpigmentation; join my video course The CLEAR SKIN Skincare Rules. This video course tells you what you need to change and start doing in your daily skincare routine to get better skin.

If you’re already on a healthy diet (perhaps on a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, whole food diet, raw food diet, plant-based, etc), and you’re still getting breakouts, I recommend taking my Acne Causing Health Foods Video Masterclass. This video course is for the more “advanced health enthusiast” that already knows a lot about nutrition and having a healthy diet. This course goes through all the health foods and superfoods that most people don’t know could be causing your breakouts and acne.



If you want personalized help, I offer telephone consultations and coaching packages. I work with clients one-on-one from all over the world. Together we’ll work on your diet, lifestyle, and skincare routine; and make all the necessary improvements and changes to get you clear, blemish-free skin.



I’ve put together 3 resource pages of all my favourite natural and non-toxic skincare, body care, and healthy home & kitchen products. Everything is acne-safe, non-comedogenic, and I recommend for clear gorgeous skin. I’m always updating and adding to these pages, so do bookmark them!

Natasha’s Favourite Skincare Products

Natasha’s Favourite Body Care Products

Healthy Kitchen & Home Appliances & Products



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