I’ve been doing a lot of blog posts lately about my journey of getting rid of hyperpigmentation and melasma. I’ve talked about my challenges with hyperpigmentation, the products that have worked for me, and what didn’t. One topic I haven’t discussed is using hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation.

I personally have never used hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation. I’ve never had a desire to do so. Recently, I was asked on YouTube if I could share my thoughts on it. I feel this is an important topic to discuss.

If you’ve seen my blog posts and videos about all the products I’ve tried in hopes of getting rid of hyperpigmentation and melasma, you know I’ve tried a lot of skincare (some worked amazing, others didn’t). This includes all natural products, plus some mainstream non-natural products as well.

So why not just skip all that, save myself some time and money, and just use hydroquinone?

Well, I’ve got my reasons! If you’re curious to know why, check out today’s video at the top of the post.

Why I don't use hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation and melasma

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