Let’s talk skincare for acne. Specifically, the skincare products that make acne worse.

In my coaching practise, I see all my clients’ diets and skincare routines.

There’s certain skincare products I see over and over again that are messing up everyone’s skin. You might have the perfect diet and a balanced lifestyle, but if you are using certain skincare products that are quite harsh or irritating for acne, this will sabotage all your efforts and stand in your way of getting results.

This sort of thing is more common than you might think.

And I want to make sure you are on the right track for clearing up your skin.

These are the five worst skincare products and ingredients for acne.

In today’s video (at the top of the post), I outline five types of products and ingredients I recommend avoiding when you have acne breakouts. Do an experiment, take a break from them for a least a month (if your acne is particularly bad, I would recommend avoiding all these products for at least 3 months) – and see what happens to your skin.

If you doubt what I’m saying in this video, I ask you one thing: Would you put any of these products or ingredients on a rash or open wound anywhere else on your body?

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition.

It’s not a lack of skincare products and ingredients that’s holding your skin back from getting clear and normal. It’s the opposite, it’s usually too many irritants and too many ingredients that are sabotaging any chance of improvement or healing.

This may be harsh, but it’s true!

And if you love your skincare products (which I do too!), wait to use them when your skin is healthy, cleared up, and much more resilient.

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